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I STILL BELIEVE is the new love story starring KJ and Britt and it opens in theaters March 13. But you can join #TeamBelieve right now!

Get access to exclusive content, videos from the cast, and some pretty incredible giveaways. You can even enter to win a trip to the I STILL BELIEVE Red Carpet Premiere that will include the cast of the film. Yep, KJ and Britt will be there!!!

I agree and certify that I am at least 13 years old and in order to qualify for TEAM BELIEVE I acknowledge and abide by the site's privacy policy. I also understand that participation is required and confirmed in order to be chosen for any giveaways or prizes.

More About #TeamBelieve

What exactly do I do on #TeamBelieve?
As a #TeamBelieve member, you are a key fan ambassador for I STILL BELIEVE. You’ll receive a digital download kit and weekly communications, giving you everything you need to tell your friends all about the film.

Why should I join?
Did we mention KJ Apa is in this movie?!? Actually, you’ll play an important part on a team of people from around the country that are fans just like you. Being part of something bigger than yourself is pretty epic.

Now That I’m On #TeamBelieve, what’s next?
Keep checking your email! Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive weekly challenges, a digital toolkit, and info about incredible giveaways.

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