I Still Believe
True, Hope-Filled Movie from Lionsgate and Kingdom Story Company Now Available On Demand

Uncertain times certainly call for hope. With most movie theaters closed for the foreseeable future, I STILL BELIEVE, the #1 new movie, is now available directly from the theaters to video on demand platforms.

This powerful true story of faith, hope, and love is available in households everywhere through Premium On Demand from Lionsgate and Kingdom Story Company. I STILL BELIEVE can be rented through platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Google Play, YouTube, Christian Cinema, all cable providers, and more. You will have 48 hours to view the movie once you order it, which you can do now.

For more details, check our FAQ below.

  1. Is I STILL BELIEVE available On Demand in Canada?

    Yes through the following on-demand platforms: Apple, Google Play, Telus, Shaw, Bell, and Cineplex.
  2. What if I don’t have access to the On Demand platforms?

    You may need to sign up to use the platform before viewing I STILL BELIEVE.
  3. How long is the On Demand viewing window?

    You will have 48 hours to watch I STILL BELIEVE from the time you order the movie.
  4. So this is different than owning the movie?

    Yes. Premium video on demand services provide you with a 48-hour viewing window. We will have more information about purchasing options for I STILL BELIEVE in the coming days.
  5. Is the On Demand option included in my Amazon Prime subscription?

    While I STILL BELIEVE will be available through Amazon Prime Video, viewing is not included with your Prime membership.
  6. Why is the movie not on Netflix?

    In normal conditions, I STILL BELIEVE would still be going strong at movie theaters and not available On Demand. Having this premium video on demand option replaces being able to see the movie at theaters. Think of this as a movie ticket for a 48-hour home-viewing window.
  7. Why not put the movie on YouTube and give everyone free access?

    The filming, editing, and marketing of big theatrical movies like I STILL BELIEVE is an expensive endeavor. By watching the movie On Demand, not only are you supporting the filmmakers, you are watching as Hope Comes Home.
  8. What is this movie rated?

    PG (for “thematic material”). Tracey Eyster, the founder and director of MomLifeToday.com says, “My mom heart sighed experiencing the compassion, strength and love portrayed on screen. It sets a stunning example for today's youth and young adults.”
  9. Does that mean it is suitable for children?

    As a parent, that is your decision although this true storyline is likely beyond many pre-teens. As for your teenager, Josh Griffin (co-founder of Download Youth Ministry) says, “I STILL BELIEVE is an inspiring and powerful story and a GREAT movie to take your youth group to see!”
  10. Where is the premium video on demand service available?

    I STILL BELIEVE is available in the United States and Canada on demand.
  11. Can you point me to where can I watch I STILL BELIEVE?

    Yes indeed … watch now
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